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Monday Bridge

November 17, 2020

We are back!  Bridge will start on Monday 2nd August 2021

Only 16 tables will be permitted.  Please book for you and your partner.

All guests must have pre-booked via

or to 020 7286  3838.    Bookings may be made from 10am Monday 26th July and not later than 2pm on Sunday 1st August.  For the following weeks it will be the same – book before 2pm Sunday.

If you need a partner please send an e-mail to Mike at  but remember we are limiting the number of tables and Mike can only find you a partner if other players request one.  Don’t book a place until you have been told Mike has found you a partner.

We would ask everyone to be respectful others players space and to wear a mask if requested.  We shall have some hand sanitizer, plastic gloves and masks available.  The tea and coffee will be served at 4 different stations .

We are keeping hand movements to a minimum and moving pairs will be expected to carry their bidding boxes with them so only one person touches the bidding box.  Hands will only be played by 2 players to cut down contact.

When booking you will be allocated a table which you will find listed on notices as you enter the building.  If time allows the alloaction will be on the website

BRIDGE 1.00 – 4.00 pm                 DONATION £10 to include tea or coffee

If you have a friend who might be interested in coming please do let them know about our re -opening.

Looking forward to seeing you soon
Mike Eden, Sandra and Gillian

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