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Monday Bridge

November 17, 2020

Monday bridge with RealBridge.

1pm to 3:30pm (approximately)

Please email Mike by Sunday evening to say you want to play (  He will send you a link to pay and play on Monday morning.

You can not use an iPhone.  If you are using an iPad then use Safari or chrome as your browser.  On a computer or laptop then use Chrome as your browser.  If 2 of you are in the same house you can not sit in the same room as there will be an echo on your speakers (one of you can turn your speakers off but it will still echo)

We will use RealBridge.

Please check your tablet or laptop can use RealBridge by clicking here Can you see the video and when you speak can you see the mic bar move? Unfortunately you can’t play on an iphone.

To take a look at the layout of RealBridge click here and go to the “Players” tab and click on “Players guide” you will be able to see what the screen is like and what all the buttons do

We are charging £5 a session.  Pay by clicking here Payment must be made before midday Monday. You will receive an email on Monday morning with the links to pay and to play. All profits will go to SJW

We have created a website to show results in full.

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